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Reinhard Bock
Pablo Picasso (1977)
Sample Part1 [03:01 out of 12:08]

Note: This clip is momentrily not available.

This clip is intended to give an impression of
this specific Skoda fashion show.

This material is taken from a film depicting the 1977 fashion show
designed and implemented by
Claudia Skoda, Hella Utesch and Tabea Blumenschein.

As Martin Kippenberger was close friend of Claudia these days
(he already had created his huge photo installation in fabrikneu
- a collage of 1300 photos on the floor sealed with resin)
it happened in the early afternoon before the show,
just after the VIBRATORS had set up their stage,
that Kippi and Claudia started talking on

Later that evening, Kippi attended the show
dressed up as chauffeur in a grey suit and cap.

Please, note the photo collage dubbing as catwalk.

Extended excerpts, emphasizing more the art aspect
of the dialogue of Kippi and Claudia,
were shown at
Museo Picasso, Malaga (2012)
and Museum Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin (2013).

see also: Part 3 (Finale)

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