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Well, something new on the tech side:
I started to use the SONY TG3
video cam - in photo mode too.
And: we re-explored POLAROIDS
ok, virtual polaroids, with our iPHONEs!
And: I kept on using the trusted NIKON S10
(you won't see any photos of those two here).
But, of course, some of my beloved SONY U60
(used when I was on the bike).

Omotesandou Sky  - SONY TG3
Ramen - SONY TG3
Omotesandou Fashion - SONY TG3
Harajuku Cosplay - SONY TG3
Omotesandou Facade - SONY TG3
Omotesandou Tree - SONY TG3
Rowboat Race On Sumida River - SONY TG3
Neon Sp-iral - SONY TG3
The Wait - SONY TG3
Tokyo Pavement - SONY TG3
Wachstum - SONY U60
Gruenes Haus - SONY U60
Gruener Blick - SONY U60
Reflections And Clouds - SONY U60
Kyoubashi Urban Canyon - SONY TG3

portray rbockberlin - photo by Angelik Riemer
(c) All e.Pics Copyright 2009 R.Bock, Berlin, Germany

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