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In the middle of 2010, SONY suprised me
with a mirrorless reflex cam
featuring an APS-C sensor 

I started to use the SONY
in photo mode, and video mode too.

The biggest rise in numbers of photos
happened in November
when Angelik and me worked
in Tokyo's wilderness

Schauvase in Kyoubashi  - SONY NEX5
Mari-mari performing 'Rettichziehen' at Supe Deluxe - SONY NEX5
Rote Reflexe in Kyoubashi  - SONY NEX5
Motorrad blur  - SONY NEX5
Fahnenhimmel  - SONY NEX5
Omotesandou crossing at night  - SONY NEX5
Traffic pylons and red car in Kyoubashi  - SONY NEX5
Misola presenting a red toy car - SONY NEX5A biker pedalling througn Akihabara tunnel - SONY NEX5
Old man collecting cardboxes - SONY NEX5
Under a Spree bridge - SONY NEX5
Burger food - SONY NEX5

self portray rbockberlin 2010
(c) All e.Pics Copyright 2010 R.Bock, Berlin, Germany

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