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work2013 (up-up-up)
(single collection 2013)
cover work2013

These tracks came to life during the end of 2013
- a hard and dark year -
but after finishing DARK WAVES
I decided to do some brighter and warmer stuff
more optimistic
more enjoyable

at least for me.

All tracks were made using Sequel 3 samples only
with add. live solo guitar by PMB on *circulaR*

CLICK on ear 3, 5, 7, 8, 10 and
the streamed music right now

*hothothot* *float away* *circulaR* CLICK to play *smooth path* CLICK to play *danceme*
*light in the woods* CLICK to play *foggy drive* CLICK to play *slept alone* *nikka v3* CLICK to play *nikka v2*
*slowmonow* *131211* *waterwater*

1  hothothot
2  float away
3  circulaR
4  smooth path
5  danceme 7  foggy drive
8  slept alone
9  nikka v3
10  slowmonow
11  fishbone
12  131211
13  waterwater

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music&artwork (c)boKensBerlin2013