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Reinhard Bock

1280 x 720 px MOV

KOSHU doing the first brushstrokes on the paper

This short was videographed in Tokyo, Japan, in November 2010.

Here is a compact synopsis:

This 17 minutes short documentary shows the production of
a hieroglyphic drawing titled "FUJIN RAIJIN"
by Yokohama based Japanese artist KOSHU a.k.a. BISEI FUKUSHIMA.

We see KOSHU driving from his home in Tsunashima near Yokohama
to Yoga where his tennis club is situated and he tells us a bit about the Tokyo region he lives in.
KOSHU explains in which tradition he has chosen his GAGOU (artist name).
This explanation closes with some short cut-ins of tennis strokes
which links his favorite sports to his favorite art: the calligraphy or hieroglyphic drawing.

Doing a series of hieroglyphic drawings titled "FUJIN RAIJIN" (Wind and Thunder),
KOSHU is filling the paper with powerful brushstrokes
and he is telling us how his emphasis on calligraphy started and how his work as an creative director
in an advertising company goes well together with being a calligrapher.

The work with the brush is completed by using an IN,
a personal sign stamp. We watch the sweat driving print of the stamp
while KOSHU tells us about the idea behind an sing stamp, especially the one he is using.

Reinhard Bock, June 2011

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